Woe always me! Balotelli red carded in Italy World Cup qualifier

Why always me? Well it could be something to do with an infamous reputation and the mammoth shadow you cast in the football world Mario.
And now we come to you live from Prague in the latest in the travelling theatrical tragedy of striker Mario Balotelli.
This time two seemingly innocent fouls led to a lightning quick and questionable red card from Norwegian referee Svein Oddvar Moen in Italy’s 0-0 World Cup qualifying match at Czech Republic on Friday.
Balotelli’s latest booking is more a case of his reputation preceding him instead of one where he deserved to get his marching orders. No doubt the numerous haters of the former EPL tempest will have their own view of the call.
Joey Barton and Luis Suarez, we hope you are taking notes at home.
Moen first booked Balotelli for what was really an innocent shove to the back of Michal Kadlec in the 68th minute and then a few minutes later pulled out red for another offence when he and Theodor Gebre Selassie got tangled up in the penalty area.
You will recall that Moen was the man who issued two yellow cards to Real Madrid’s Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos in the final moments of their Champions League quarter-final victory over Galatasaray in April. In the aftermath of the match Galatasaray boss Fatih Terim blasted Moen for some of his decisions.
Even though he seems to have the reputation as a wee bit of disciplinarian, considering the level of clutch and grab going on in Friday’s qualifier, the decision to give the AC Milan striker his marching orders didn’t seem logical or warranted.
Sure Balotelli was just suspended in April for his insults directed towards a linesman during the Black-Reds’ Serie A match at Fiorentina.
Like all strikers at the top level Balotelli adrenaline – but it`s a very fine line. As any soccer player knows the very raw and unchained energy that gives you superior momentum and edge can also be the thing that pushes you over the edge.
Emotion and fatigue can have a big factor in seeing the success of any elite athlete washed away in an instant.
In classic cases Zidane (v Italy), Beckham (v Argentina), Chinaglia (1974 World Cup), Gascoigne (in too many incidents to mention) have all cracked under pressure in big matches as we know.
Ahead of the Azzurri match his fans were hoping the talented but emotionally unstable striker had grown up since the days of his well publicized spats with Roberto Mancini, some of his crazy antics like setting his bathroom ablaze, or uh perhaps stepping on Scott Parker’s head.
Sadly it looked like our hero had another setback in Prague.
He could be seen punching a steel door in the tunnel on his departure.
We are not sure if he suffered any injuries on this one, or UEFA will take any action against him for his reaction to the decision.
In this one case, I can’t say as we blame you this time. Get well soon Mario, and as for you Svein we hope these players show you some of the respect you so desperately crave.