RantSports: Secret Talks Hint a Long-Awaited End To FIFA ‘Farce’ and Sepp Blatter Reign

SeppWhat to look forward to in the holidays or the New Year? Family, friends, presents and Cheer? Yes.

But how about an end to the reign of Sepp Blatter and some major changes at FIFA? In the wake of allegations of corruption, match fixing and other nasty realities its time for our governing body to pass major reforms.

If not the very future of the game is at stake. FIFA lacks credibility in the eyes of the fans, most of whom view the governing body as a complete joke.

Thankfully, You can read in one of my latest posts for RantSports that it looks like Blatter’s days with FIFA may be numbered. Read the article by clicking on this links and enjoy the holiday season with friends, family and the ones you love. 

We will be back on Boxing Day to monitor the matches in the Premier League.  For now enjoy my article on RantSports: