Musical Therapy For Soccer Scandal: I Wanna be a FIFA Czar, Drinking Champagne With Caviar

Shock and outrage may have overtaken the football world on Wednesday after news that the court case concerning the World Cup bidding process would proceed coupled with the arrest of seven current and former FIFA officials on suspicion of fraud, racketeering and money laundering…. but none of us were really surprised by the revelations. Some of us have even turned to channel our frustrations into poetry and music.

But back to digesting the ugly news. Most of us were simply wondering aloud: What took you so long? Secondly common sense would dictate if you are making these arrests how about nabbing the top dog in the football syndicate, Sepp Blatter.

Well that didn’t happen and in case you didn’t here the latest twist Blatter indicated on Thursday that he is refusing to step down – despite pleas from UEFA boss Michel Platini and others - and relinquish his position as FIFA president on the eve of Friday’s presidential elections.

“It must fall to me to uphold responsibility for the well-being of the organization,” Blatter was quoted as saying.

RedCardTheRef has been following this saga about collusion and corruption at FIFA  since our launch three years ago and many years before that as both a journalist and outraged fan of the beautiful game. Instead of recounting all of the events leading up to the arrest - which has already been done by every news organization the world over - we instead leave you with the gift of song. Who knows if the right producer and backup band ‘The Football Czar’ song could be the next smash hit:



“I wanna be a football Czar, drinking champagne with Caviar. Taking bribes and fixing games while always knowing I’ll escape the blame….

In the 90th minute when the winning goal is nixed, you’ll never know that it was fixed….

Making friends with Putin and Qatar, the scope of corruption goes oh, so far.

When the jig is up and the bright lights shine I won’t step down even though its high time.”