It’s a thug’s game! Wake up and see the elbows former ‘top referee’ Howard Webb

Former English Premier League referee Howard Webb has come out swinging at Marouane Fellaini slamming the Manchester United midfielder as a “thug.”
The widely-despise, former two-time champion of our annual worst referee poll – needs to realize one important thing: Marouane isn’t the only one! You missed the boat again Howie!
Webb made his comments to BT Sport Europe after Fellaini was caught elbowing opponent Dejan Loveren during last week’s UEFA Europa League second leg tie at Old Trafford.

“It’s one thing imposing yourself in a game, but another thing being a thug on the pitch. If Fellaini can’t play without throwing his elbows around. I think he should have been suspended [for the incident in the first leg] but UEFA never looked at it.”  Former EPL referee Howard Webb.” ~ Former EPL referee Howard Webb

Sure Mr. Webb the tall lanky Belgian with the shaggy hair dew may fit the bill as a thug but you don’t need to look very far around the EPL to find a whole cast of tattooed, wanna-be street punks (with neatly quaffed salon hair) on other squads who are guilty of similar dastardly acts and worse.
So why target Fellaini? Hair envy?
Certainly the sight of Fellaini’s jagged elbows carving up the innocent are disgusting and they also increase the likelihood of concussions and head injuries but what about others. But Forwards such as equally aggressive big men like Stoke’s Peter Crouch or West Ham’s Andy Carroll who often employ their flailing arms to the chins of opposing players with great effect could also earn them the thug label. Or what about the warm-hearted, kind acts of kinder gentler little people like Chelsea striker Diego Costa or even his teammate John Terry? Or perhaps maybe you weren’t watching over the weekend when Leicester City defender Robert Huth had his shirt pulled and tugged on so badly in the Crystal Palace penalty area that it was complete ripped up over his head and off of his body?
To single out Felaini seems a little unfair? Almost as if Webb is failing to apply the laws of the game equally even in his retirement. Maybe that’s what we should have expected?
Fellaini hit back at Webb and his critics during a BBC interview over the weekend stating:

“I like to win my challenges when I play the game. In England there are a lot of physical challenges so if you want to win the game you have to be aggressive and win your challenges.” ~ Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini

It should also be noted that Webb’s comments were all the more bizarre and unexpected because during his tenure as an official the ex-policeman did very little to put an end to the escalation of cheat tactics including shirt-tugging in the penalty area, time-wasting, feigning injury, deliberate hand balls, etc., etc. Time to put yourself under house arrest Howie!