Shocker: Clattenburg gets it right with spitting-mad Popov

We aren’t opposed to congratulating a match official when he finally gets a decision right, even some of our most vilified referees.

Hats off to English referee Mark Clattenburg for his prompt dismissal of West Brom defender Goran Popov in a 1-0 EPL loss to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

Clattenburg reached for his pocket and red carded Popov after he spit on Spur opponent Kyle Walker in the 48th minute.

The player’s own coach turned against him after this gross display of unsportsmanlike conduct which was caught on video.

“I’m absolutely disgusted with Goran’s behaviour,” West Bromwich Albion manager Steve Clarke said after the match. “There is really no excuse for that type of behaviour. There’s no place for it in life, never mind on the football pitch.”

The question which remains in everyone’s mind is what drove Popov to do such a thing? The player has yet to comment on the incident but it is doubtful anything he could say would justify such behaviour.

Clattenburg, was the infamous referee at the centre of a racism probe last November after allegations that he used a racial slur against Chelsea’s Ramires. Clattenburg was eventually cleared of the charges after an investigation by the FA deemed there was not enough evidence to support the allegations.